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Blast From The Past Friday

One of the great things about digital photos is the ability to rewind and share a memory with the family.  Here are two photos taken at Epcot 10 years apart.
Photo by David Brodosi

David #Brodosi and family visit #Epcot 10 year apart. The #Brodosi Boy's are growing up! — David Brodosi (@Drink2ForgetLMS) August 9, 2019

Photos by David Brodosi David Brodosi is a leader in the deployment and operation of faculty support services for Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services, at USFSP, with proven experience in managing all phases of projects from conception to final product delivery. David Brodosi manages and provides guidance on technology strategies and trends for state-of-the-art classrooms, online course development, and faculty instructional design support services. David is recognized as a thought leader regarding the intersection of AV/IT, coll…

David Brodosi's First Time Seeing Snow!

Going way back this weekend! 

So I mentioned in my last post about my first trip to the west coast. I took a trip with my buddy Sean to Seattle in the late 90's early 2000's. This was my first time out west and believe the first time to see snow!?! That's right! David Brodosi's first time seeing snow was in my twenties!  After spending some time with family and friends fishing and crabbing, we took a ride up to Mount St. Helens. This was me, David Brodosi, first time driving up a mountain!  Remember, I grew up in Florida.  FLAT! The most significant hill is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge! Let's just say, the new rental I drove smelled like burnt transmission fluid when we reached the top.

David Brodosi's First Trip To West Coast

So back in the late 90', early 2000's, I took a trip with my buddy Sean to Portland, Oregon.  We first arrived around 5pm and left the airport heading to visit family. I was shocked to find that the sun didn't set until almost 11pm!  The young David Brodosi didn't read this in the geography books.  So the first thing we did was head to the river to watch some native locals fish.  Because of our status, we could only watch.  I would say it was around 2am when I crawled into the bed of the truck to catch some shuteye under the stars.  To my surprise,  the sun popped up around 4:30am!  My internal clock was so messed up.  Anyway, I just wanted to share this 20-year memory with all of you. 

Headlight Restoration - DIY

So the headlights on my wife's car were starting to get a little oxidized. This is one of the things I hate about the new poly-carbonate (plastic) headlights.  Yes they are safer, but do require more maintenance.   What will you need for this project:
DRILL MASTER - 6 In. Compact Palm Polisher

WARRIOR® - 5 In. To 6 In. Fleece Polishing Bonnet

NU FINISH - Nu Finish Car Polish

Any brand of toothpaste

Steps to remove oxidization from your headlights: Step 1: Clean the headlight with soap and water.
Step 2: Mask off the surrounding area to protect your car from accidental scuffing. 
Step 3: Using the terry cloth and the palm polisher, starting moving the polisher over the surface of your headlights with the toothpaste. You don't need to add a lot of pressure.  Add water and toothpaste as needed, and expect to spend up to five to ten minutes cleaning each affected light. Be sure to keep everything wet! 
Step 4: Using a clean terry cloth and the palm polisher, apply the Nu Finish car wa…

DIY Fireplace on the cheap!

So I wanted to give new life to my back yard.  I wanted to start with the fire pit and sitting space were the family gathers to disconnect with from the world.  The cooler weather will be back before you know it! This easy-to-make DIY firepit idea a hit with your family and friends. Whether you want to cook your food over an open fire or just snuggle up while you drink some beers, this simple project will make a great addition to your yard.

Here are the before and after photos. 

Now this was very easy to make and really anyone handy with a drill and hand saw can make this. I wanted my benches six feet apart, so I ordered two, six-foot fence posts and one eight-foot post.  The extra two feet from the larger post will be cut into one foot sections to create the base/rail for them to rest on (see image above). 

The sides are made from four cinder blocks and two cinder block caps.  Using either ready made "quikrete" or mixing it yourself, build your end caps.  Also for a spla…