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Throwback Thursday - Brodosi Family Travels to New York

NYC, a city forever in flux, is impossible to “see” in one visit. We had to resign yourself to that fact, unless we move here (and maybe not even then), we would only barely scratch the surface! By the time we left, new places already cropped up. This city is home to thousands of restaurants, hundreds of museums, attractions, plays, and quirky things to do. Although the line for the ferry from Battery Park is normally long, we got there early, so we could avoid most of it. The Statue of Liberty is spectacular to see up close (she’s as big as we imagined), but the real highlight of this combo is Ellis Island, where you can learn about the immigrant experience and get a sense of the people who helped build NYC. There’s such a great sense of history there that we couldn't help but be impressed. - David Brodosi Named Battery Park for the old batteries (cannons) that defended the city, we stopped to listen to the music and street performers, people-watching, relaxing, and all other par