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5th Annual Bay-to-Bay Symposium - David Brodosi

In case you couldn't attend the 5th Annual Bay-to-Bay Symposium, today's Monday Minute video will recap our what you missed!  This year's event centered on Civic and Community Engagement Across the Curriculum. The Symposium featured two distinguished speakers, Drs. George Mehaffy and Ashley Finley, as well as panel conversations with students, faculty, and community partners who shared their experiences and projects. - David Brodosi Bay to Bay 2020 from OLITS USFSP on Vimeo . David Brodosi is a senior-level specialist that leads strategic technological innovations and operations for teaching, learning, and instructional design at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. David Brodosi serves as a point of connection between teaching, pedagogy, and the use of current and emerging technologies across classrooms, online courses, active learning labs, and other learning environments. Direct oversight of instructional design, videography, AV, and techno