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Brodosi Family Cruise

  Our cruise began with a warning to be careful, ok the virus is everywhere. The staff smiled and showed great concern for our well being. I felt safe and knew the people around me felt the same. The ships crew cleaned constantly and used good safety practices. The crew spoke to us and engaged in friendly conversation it truly put us at ease. I enjoyed the entertainment most of all the live shows were exceptional. David Brodosi We have cruised with other lines before and this was the first Royal Caribbean Cruise for us. My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary so we decided to try Royal Caribbean for our family trip. Overall the cruise was great. It’s unfortunate that it was during the COVID-19 scare. The good news was, the ship was cleaned around the clock. We felt like the crew took it seriously. We had a great room attendant who anticipated our needs and kept the room immaculate. David Brodosi We are a family of travel enthusiasts, we are blessed with a multitude of experience