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David Brodosi

David Brodosi and Family David Brodosi, M.Ed, climbed the ranks from an entry-level position involving rolling equipment carts around campus, to managing small groups of people, to running a multi functional department. “I spent 25 years working in classroom AV technology and was able to use that experience, along with some brief time working with faculty with online learning, and ended up running a new department that combined both units.”  David received his AV training and moved up the ranks at USF and then USFSP when it became separately accredited. David Brodosi now works for the newly formed USF System and now 25 years later, leads a group of AV technologists and instructional designers that support not only the campus, but across the institution.   David Brodosi works with the campus administration to develop a strategic approach to technology-enhanced eLearning in support of student outcomes. He works closely with campus Deans to create a vision and strategy for succ