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Bayboro Harbor - Downtown St. Petersburg - David Brodosi

Bayboro Harbor, located on St. Petersburg's downtown waterfront, offers boat owners virtually every amenity under the sun. Located just two minutes from the open bay on Florida's Gulf Coast, the Harborage Marina is a boater's paradise. Protected by an 800-foot break water, this is the ideal location for residents of the Tampa Bay Area and visiting vacationers. The Bayboro Harbor Naval Base originally supported United States Coast Guard (USCG) antibootlegging operations before it was decommissioned in 1933. Incorporated in 1892 with a population of almost 300 people, today's St. Petersburg has grown into a huge metropolitan area of 2.7 million residents. Dali Museum - St Petersburg Centered around Bayboro Harbor on St Petersburg's waterfront is a bustling corner of Tampa Bay. Here you'll find the USFSP,  the Albert Whitted Airport, the Harborage Marina, a large complex of marine science and research institutes, and the Guardians of the Gulf, St. Petersburg's