David Brodosi - The Joys of Cozumel

David Brodosi and family on a cruise ship traveling to Cozumel Mexico. Standing buy the ship.

Cozumel, Mexico, is one of the most striking places on earth when it comes to breathtaking sights, exotic activities, and plenty of fun for the whole family. The island is a famous cruise ship port stop in the Caribbean sea and is mostly famous for its untapped nature, scuba diving spots, and Mayan ruins. Nature and outdoor activities make Cozumel an ideal spot for family fun, once-in-a-lifetime photography sessions, and ancient wonder. If you are traveling to Cozumel, here are some things you should see and do. This was a great place for the Brodosi Family Vacation! 

David Brodosi and family on the beach of Cozumel Mexico.

- Meet Some Dolphins!

Cozumel is a major ‘hot spot’ for the world’s smartest ocean creature. These clever little water mammals are incredibly social, and visitors of Cozumel can have the chance to swim with, photograph, and experience these majestic creatures on the island through multiple nature preservation groups. Dolphin Discovery Cozumel is one such family-friendly activity where the whole family can get together and enjoy interacting with Dolphins in their natural habitat. This is an excellent experience for those families who want to get outdoors, and experience the local wildlife in a fun way.

David Brodosi and family visiting the Ancient Ruins in Cozumel Mexico

- Explore Ancient Ruins.

The Mayan people made Cozumel their home for many generations. On the island, visitors will have the ability to experience, photograph, and explore ancient Mayan ruins up close and personally. San Gervasio is one such archeological site that has existed on the island since before the Colombian exploration era. The site was once a temple to the ancient Mayan fertility goddess Ixchel. Mayan women would travel from all over to this site to make offerings, and the site itself is still remarkably whole. This is also a great site to see wild iguanas for those interested in wildlife photography!

David Brodosi and family visiting the Ancient city in Cozumel Mexico

- Immerse Yourself In Mayan History.

Aside from the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Cozumel is steeped in ancient and rich history. Kun Che Park is a theme park that the entire family can enjoy, and will transport you back in time to the lands of the ancient Maya. Visitors will get to taste traditional cuisine, visit ancient ruins, explore the vast jungles of the island, and experience the exotic dances, artforms, and garments of this otherworldly culture. For families, or even individuals looking for a once in a lifetime experience, Kun Che Park is a great daytime activity for all ages! - David Brodosi

David Brodosi and family visiting shops in Cozumel Mexico

- Final Thoughts.

The island of Cozumel is far more than just a stop on a cruise package. It is more than the stunning beaches, and scuba diving destinations. It is the home to an ancient culture and is steeped in rich historic foods, stories, legends, and fun. The island of Cozumel is truly an experience that everyone who is traveling should try and have at least once. So, the next time you find yourself shopping for cruise packages or flights, consider ones that make a stop in Cozumel. This island will take your breath away. - David Brodosi

David Brodosi and family on a cruise ship to Cozumel Mexico

David Brodosi and family on the beaches of  Cozumel Mexico

David Brodosi and family dinner aboard the cruise ship

David Brodosi and family on the top of the cruise ship.

David Brodosi and family dinner aboard the cruise ship

David Brodosi and family enjoying the day at sea on a cruise ship.

David Brodosi and family enjoying bingo on a cruise ship.

We are a family of travel enthusiasts, we are blessed with a multitude of experiences, interests and beliefs. We share the world and life with everyone. We also love our jobs - with all our passions, our challenges, our successes and our failures. We enjoy meeting new people, and sharing our experiences and passions with them. We are always in contact with new people, and that is the most special part. - David Brodosi

My family and I just returned from a cruise to Cozumel Mexico. Traveling with my wife and two teen age boys is an awesome experience. We enjoyed exploring the island, traveling to exotic places on the island and enjoying the outdoors. We took lots of photographs of our adventures and the natural beauty of Mexico. Our group went for this trip in December 2017 after one year at Disneyland California Resort and Disney World Walt Magic Kingdom Florida Park where we spent 2 days per week doing activities around Los Angeles area parks including LA- Long Beach Blvd., Sunset Strip, Burbank/ West Hollywood Mall, Culver City, Pacific Coast Highway, Southern Lagoon, Santa Monica Pier (on Thursday morning) then Orange County Museum District & Griffith Observatory Preserve before heading down to Miami - David Brodosi

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