David Brodosi Travels to Alaska

David Brodosi standing with friends and family in the snow in alaska
Our trip to Alaska was hands-down one of my favorite ski trips ever. We knew it was going to be beautiful, but it just took our breath away. It was basically 360-degree scenic views at every turn! My friend Sean and others take an annual ski trip around the first of the year.  This year our travels took us to Alyeska, Alaska. - David Brodosi

We planned to start out in Anchorage to check out the local scene, then load everyone up and head to Girdwood.  Traveling along you see the ocean on one side a large mountain on the other. Alyeska is a skiing resort in the wintertime and a mountain bike/general outdoor resort during the summertime. It’s located about 45-60 minutes south of Anchorage. We decided to stay in this area so that we could break up our drive between Homer and Talkeetna.

You want to experience all that Alaska has to offer, but you don’t have much time, or maybe you don’t want to venture too far outside of Anchorage. That’s okay. You’ve made it to the 49th state and you’re going to have an unforgettable time regardless – it’s hard not to in Alaska. But to guarantee a memorable stay like no other, take a short (like, super short) drive outside of Anchorage and turn off into Girdwood. Why Girdwood, you ask? The Alyeska Resort is waiting to show you it all. - David Brodosi 

David Brodosi traveling to Alaska with family

Alyeska is located just 40 miles south of the Anchorage airport, providing skiers and snowboarders with convenient access once they’ve arrived in. Alyeska provides skiers and snowboarders with 73 trails spread out on more than 1,400 acres. The 60-passenger aerial tram, high-speed quad and seven other chairlifts, including two magic carpets ensure there’s no waiting on lift lines—not that crowds are usually a problem in Alyeska.

Averaging 649 inches of powder annually, Alyeska offers some of the world's deepest snow conditions. That said, the temperatures aren’t necessarily as cold as you might think. January is typically the coldest winter month, with averages around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but by March averages are around 32 degrees. Because Alaska experiences more daylight during the winter months than the rest of the United States—due to its proximity to the North Pole—Alyeska offers night skiing on the weekends from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. - David Brodosi

The resort’s trails are well divided to accommodate a variety of skiers and riders. About 11 percent of Alyeska is designated beginner, while 52 percent is marked as intermediate and 37 percent for experts. Terrain park enthusiasts have two parks to choose from, as well as a 400-foot-long Superpipe. Snowcat and heli-skiing tours are also available. -David Brodosi

David Brodosi skiing in Alaska with family

David Brodosi on snow machine in Alaska with family

If a resort with breathtaking views and world-class terrain top your ski vacation “must-haves,” look no further than Alyeska. If you’ve never been skiing in Alaska, it’s something that you must tick off your ski resort bucket list. Alaska is an unforgettable place to visit as a skier and snowboarder. Known for its dramatic peaks and spiraling vertical, Alaska’s Chugachs are unlike any mountains you’ve experienced. The lodge is at sea level!!! - David Brodosi
Fourteen members of traveling friends of ours stayed and thoroughly enjoyed Girdwood. Our annual ski trip has included locations in several countries and dozens of locations. The group ranked this trip very high on our list. It was a great trip and I soundly recommend the Alyeska Resort for skiing and lodging. -David Brodosi
David Brodosi standing by water in Alaska with snow

David Brodosi standing by water in Alaska with snow

Iditarod Race - If you are planning a winter-time visit, this event is a memory-maker. The ceremonial start in Anchorage is an opportunity to get up-close with these beautiful canine athletes and their handlers while enjoying the party atmosphere and hospitality of Anchorage. Then, plan to take the bus the next day to Willow Lake for the official start of the race. With Denali Mountain in the background and more than a thousand miles of trail in front of them, these teams are raring to go - the air is electric with excited dogs, focused mushers, and adoring fans. There's nothing else like it! Planning to stay for a week or so? There are many volunteer opportunities and people from all over the world come to participate in the volunteer program. Visit Iditarod.com for a complete listing. - David Brodosi
David Brodosi traveled to the Iditarod race in alaska

David Brodosi at the starting line for Iditarod race in alaska

David Brodosi and family checking out the Iditarod race events in Alaska

David Brodosi and family checking out the Iditarod race events in Alaska with sled

David Brodosi and family checking out the Iditarod race events in Alaska with dogs

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David Brodosi and his family

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David Brodosi and his son

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