Throwback Thursday- Anchorage Alaska

Throwback Thursday to Anchorage Alaska!! Hanging with friends in downtown Anchorage Alaska Back in early 2k. Waiting for the Iditarod race to start! Cheers, David Brodosi #Throwback #throwbackchallenge #Alaska #iditarod #traveling #friends #family #brodosi

David Brodosi and family in Alaska for dog sled race.

David Brodosi in downtown Anchorage Alaska

David Brodosi and friends in downtown Anchorage Alaska

David Brodosi and friends in downtown Anchorage Alaska shopping
David Brodosi and friends in Alaska snowmobiling
David Brodosi in Alaska by the sea shore
David Brodosi and friends skiing in Alaska

We are a family of travel enthusiasts, we are blessed with a multitude of experiences, interests and beliefs. We share the world and life with everyone. We also love our jobs - with all our passions, our challenges, our successes and our failures. We enjoy meeting new people, and sharing our experiences and passions with them. We are always in contact with new people, and that is the most special part.

David Brodosi is an experienced team leader with a demonstrated history of success in the higher education industry. David Brodosi provides guidance on tech strategies and trends for state-of-the-art classrooms, course development, and faculty design support services. Mr Brodosi is recognized as a thought leader regarding the intersection of AV/IT, collaboration technology that supports his organization's mission to deliver world-class research and tech solutions for higher education institutions.


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