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David Brodosi and Family standing by ship in Cozumel

Nature & Travel Photographer | David Brodosi is an amateur nature and travel photographer whose work showcases animals in natural landscapes - Photos of David Brodosi family, travel, outdoors, photography, adventure, wanderlust, nature, #brodosi David Brodosi is a senior-level specialist that leads strategic technological innovations and operations for teaching, learning, and instructional design at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. David Brodosi serves as a point of connection between teaching, pedagogy, and the use of current and emerging technologies across classrooms, online courses, active learning labs, and other learning environments. — Read on brodosifamily.me/

How have smartphones changed the photography game? In his latest blog post on Medium, David Brodosi dives into the subject!

David David Brodosi sitting in the beach in Cozumel Mexico

Back in the day, photography was a hobby limited to dedicated artists. Sure, many families toted film cameras along for vacations. But outside of the occasional snapshot or family photo to preserve the memory of a moment, photography was still a game exclusive to artists.

David Brodosi and family on cruise to Cozumel Mexico 
Over the years, photography has become much more accessible. With the advent of digital photography, the lengthy process of developing photos has become all but completely forgotten. Now, in 2020, the process has become easier than ever before. With a smartphone in hand — and, let’s admit it: almost everyone is glued to one by now! — capturing a moment with a photo is as simple as blinking your eyes!

One of David Brodosi’s greatest adventures was hiking the serene Appalachian Trail. Along the way, he captured gorgeous shots of plants and flowers. Botany both fascinates and eludes him -- in his photography, he attempts to grasp the science on his own terms. In the future, Brodosi hopes to start a project that will include intertwining his portfolio photos with pressed flowers and plants. In book form, he will represent the flowers in photos and pressed form, to showcase the everlasting beauty of nature’s decorations. David Brodosi only uses an iPhone camera to capture his photos.


Recently, David Brodosi has also started to document his journeys in terms of flavors. In particular, Brodosi keeps his eyes peeled for unique cuisine and eats that he can’t enjoy back at home. He is a major fan and supporter of the farm to table approach. Supporting local farms and businesses is a touch of wholesomeness that makes his meals taste that much better!

We are a family of travel enthusiasts, we are blessed with a multitude of experiences, interests, and beliefs. We share the world and life with everyone. We also love our jobs - with all our passions, our challenges, our successes, and our failures. We enjoy meeting new people and sharing our experiences and passions with them. We are always in contact with new people, and that is the most special part. [caption  David Brodosi and his wife 

David Brodosi is an experienced team leader with a demonstrated history of success in the higher education industry. David Brodosi provides guidance on tech strategies and trends for state-of-the-art classrooms, course development, and faculty design support services. Mr. Brodosi is recognized as a thought leader regarding the intersection of AV/IT, collaboration technology that supports his organization's mission to deliver world-class research and technology. 

sdavid Brodosi photo of Baybor Harbor Sunrise david Brodosi photo of Baybor Harbor Sunrise ]david Brodosi photo of Baybor Harbor Sunrise 


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